Astrologer, Psychic, Reiki Master, Tarot and Tuning Fork Vibrational Specialist- LeeAnn Cornell

Lee Ann

Reverend Lee Ann Cornell is a co-founder of the Pyramid of Enlightenment and has been involved in the studies of Metaphysics for 52 years. She can remember, at a very early age, standing up in her crib, as she watched spirits and balls of light moving around in her bedroom. Lee Ann would call out for her mother, to come and see what was going on in her room. Her mother would say that this was just her imagination and needed to be quiet and go to sleep. A majority of people, during that time period, were not educated or open minded to things of a mystical nature. Much later in life her mother did confess to her that she had an imaginary playmate as a child; however, she did not know how to handle it when her own daughter started seeing spirits and angels.

During her teenage years, Lee Ann began to have premonitions and dreams that would come true. She became very curious and began to read paranormal books. In her early 20's she began to connect with people of like mind and began her life-long Metaphysical journey. Lee Ann Cornell and Rita Williams helped to organize a Metaphysical study group when she lived in Muncie, Indiana in the 70's. People would gather at her house weekly to study many things; such as, Ancient Mysteries, Astrology, Astral Projections, Aura Reading, Extrasensory Techniques, I Ching, Kabbalah, Meditation, Numerology, Palmistry, Psychometry, Rune Stones, Tarot and Spirit Communication, etc.

Lee Ann moved to Indianapolis and continued to do professional psychic readings and met her friend, Don Hughes, through Rita Williams. Rita and Lee Ann realized that Don Hughes had psychic abilities. Then they began training Don Hughes metaphysically and how to do readings. Don and Lee Ann traveled throughout the state of Indiana doing psychic readings at bookstores, corporate events and large psychic parties. They made their first guest appearances at WZPL on Dave McKay's Morning Show in 1991 and continued appearing every Friday for a year. Lee Ann and Don were on many major radio and TV networks throughout the state of Indiana. In March of 1992, Don Hughes, Lee Ann Cornell, Rita Williams jointly founded the Pyramid of Enlightenment.

Lee Ann had the privilege of studying with a Metaphysician by the name of Dr. Paul. He was acquainted with many prominent individuals that were known for their metaphysical expertise in the 30's, 40's and 50's. She had the privilege of studying more about Aura Balancing, Crystals, Kabbalah and Metaphysics with Reverend Byron Edwards. Lee Ann studied Reiki and became a USUI lineage certified Reiki Master. Lee Ann teaches a wide variety of classes at the Pyramid and privately. Most recently Lee Ann has been blessed to attend Tuning Fork workshops presented by developer of SomaEnergetics David Hulse, C.M.S.T.T.. These workshops have been a turning point for Lee Ann. She has always wanted to work with people to help them find healing through music and sound. She feels the tuning forks are the keys to help her accomplish this life-long dream.

Lee Ann is  a retired case manager from Family and Social Services. Lee Ann is an ordained minister through World Christianship Ministries. She loves teaching others as they work to evolve on their own spiritual journeys. She draws upon the divine guidance of the angelic and spirit realms. She uses this energy in her work as a spiritual healer and psychic; in which, she views herself as  a vessel for this energy to manifest. Lee Ann feels like the angelic realm is more prevalent since she has been working with the tuning forks. Lee Ann realizes how sound and vibrations are important to raise the energies. She created a CD called the Light Workers Chant. This musical chant has helped to banish negative spirits and energies. She has worked to help people bless and cleanse their homes of negative energies. The chant has been an invaluable tool for a lot of customers.

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